• Microwave
  • Table
  • Counters
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Clean Entrance Door Glass
  • Sanitize Door Handles
  • Sanitize Phones
  • Polish Desk
  • Pull Trash
  • Vacuum

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  • Clean All Mirrors
  • Trash


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Goode's Commercial Cleaning Service is the most thorough and professional commercial cleaning service you’ll find in the Greater Jacksonville area.

We provide thorough, detailed, trustworthy, professional cleaning services for commercial properties of all types and sizes. With many years of commercial cleaning experience, we have built long lasting relationships with our commercial clients by providing excellent, professional, dependable service. Our staff is like no other, always putting our clients first with the best service possible.Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Communication with our clients is key to our success and to ensuring all your commercial cleaning needs are met. Hiring the right cleaning service can increase the appeal of your property, reduce vacancies, discouraging pests and reduce maintenance costs. Our exceptional service is backed an unconditional service guarantee. Let us help you make your office space an exceptional space.

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